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Business Acumen

[ seez ]

take (an opportunity) eagerly and decisively

Business acumen – the ability to make quick and sound judgments in business – is a critical skill for all employees.  Decisions made daily at every level of an organisation have an impact on its financial well-being and there is a need for every employee to understand the financial implication of their decisions.


To add to the challenge, decisions today need to be made in the face of increasing uncertainty, volatility, and ambiguity. 

We help people of all levels in organisations make better decisions by:

Business Brainstorming

Developing Financial Acumen

Making decisions in business requires one to possess sound financial acumen. We build strong foundations for business acumen with Colour Accounting. This is the only program that builds business acumen from the ground up, and there is no better way to do it.  

Colour Accounting has helped hundreds of organisations and thousands of professionally globally shed the fear of numbers, acquire financial literacy and make better decisions for the business. 

Strategyc is Malaysia’s pioneering Colour Accounting Leader who has conducted workshops for hundreds of professionals in the region. Find out more about Colour Accounting here.

Acquiring Decision-Making Skills


Decisions are made at every level of an organization daily with impact, directly or indirectly, to on its success.  To grow, organizations must make market-oriented, customer-centric decisions in a timely fashion.

Our decision-making workshops equip professionals at all levels with skills to make decisions more effectively in their roles, taking into account the market, customers, risk, uncertainty and multiple conflicting priorities.  Areas covered include:

  • Strategic decision-making (see Strategic Insights)

  • Customer centric decision-making

  • Making decisions with analytics

  • Making decisions with multiple stakeholders

  • Creative problem-solving and decision-making


Find out how we can help you.


Work Decisions

Partner with us to tailor leadership solutions for your organisation.

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