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Our Programs


Our tailor-made programs aim to develop leaders at every level of your organisation who understand the business, make good decisions and take actions that help it grow.

Strategyc’s Business Leadership model equips leaders with the skills to sense opportunities and threats, seize them through timely market-oriented decisions, and change the organisation more effectively turn those opportunities into reality. We tailor our interventions – training, coaching, consulting – based on the specific situation and needs of your business and people.

The three core elements of our Business Leadership Model are:

Strategic Insights

The discipline to gain insights for development, alignment, andexecution of strategy

Business Acumen

The knowledge, reason, and gumption to make sound decisions for thebusiness

Organisational Intelligence

The capacity to reshape the organisation, its people, and its relationships with stakeholders in line with the organisation’s strategy

Explore Our Solutions

Partner with us to tailor leadership solutions for your organisation.

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