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Strategic Insights

[ sens ]

perceive by a sense or senses

Leaders need to sense the environment through strategic lenses to gain insights for setting direction and developing strategy.  It is also crucial that the strategy is aligned throughout the organisation to achieve the intended outcomes.

Colleagues at Work

Develop, Align and Implement Strategy


We facilitate workshops that help organisations, divisions, business units or departments develop strategy, align the team to the strategy, and establish actionable plans to implement the strategy and achieve goals.  In developing strategy, we adopt approaches that best facilitate the sensing of opportunities and threats in your business situation.


In strategy alignment, we help organisations overcome common barriers such as lack of goal clarity, competing interests and conflict, and low engagement.

Sharpen Strategy Skills in Leaders

We equip leaders with strategy skills that help them gain greater insights for their organisations. These include:

  • Strategic thinking

  • Strategy analysis and planning

  • Business model design and regeneration

These skills can be delivered in stand-alone strategy workshops or incorporated into business acumen, leadership, or corporate entrepreneurship workshops. We tailor each interactive workshop using business simulations and specially designed business cases to ensure relevance and practical post-workshop application.

Similing Team

Partner with us to tailor leadership solutions for your organisation.

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