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Virtual Workshops

[ vur-choo-uhl ]

appear to exist physically

Strategyc Consulting's virtual workshops are interactive training and coaching sessions, aimed at helping people in organisations learn from wherever they are.  From highly-focused, bite-sized sessions, to comprehensive programs with multiple sessions, we tailor our virtual solutions to your organisation's needs.

An Exceptional Virtual Experience

Professionals from these organisations have experienced our virtual workshops - hear what they have to say.


What People Say

Highly thankful for an excellent session. It was not only beneficial but the way it was conducted was also exceptionally good.

Executive Vice President, Governance & QA

Three Ways We Support Virtual Learning

Mini Burgers


Pick from bite-sized 1 to 3-hour workshops. Mix and match to your needs.

Chicken Burger


"Full Course"

In-depth 1 or 2-day topical virtual workshops, delivered in a single sitting or spread over time



Your content, our design. We help convert your in-house programs into virtual workshops.

Explore Our Virtual Workshops

Working from a Laptop

Top Ten


Highly interactive, informative and practical workshop in just 2 hours. Here are the 10 most-requested bite-sized topics by our clients globally in the last 12 months. 

  • Critical Thinking in Practice

  • Sharpening Business Acumen

  • Agility and Ownership

  • The Science of Resilience

  • Building Connection and Trust

  • Solving Problems Creatively

  • Thinking Strategically

  • Interpreting Financial Statements

  • Making Decisions in Uncertainty

  • Leading Teams Remotely

Choose from any of the programs above or let us tailor one for you based on your needs, both in content, duration and platform. 

Man on Laptop

Top Ten


Comprehensive and as engaging as our 'face-to-face' workshops, here are the 10 most-requested full-course topics in the last 12 months. These workshops can be delivered in 1 or 2 days straight, or over multiple shorter sessions.

  • Leading with Vision

  • Influence without Authority

  • Strategic Thinking in Business
  • Presentation with Story Telling

  • Managing Stakeholders and Conflict

  • Creative Problem-solving and Decision-making

  • Financial Management with Colour Accounting

  • Emotional Intelligence for Personal Effectiveness

  • Mental Toughness: Perseverance, Resilience and Performance Under Pressure

  • Quality Management Systems: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and Internal Auditing


We also deliver bespoke Leadership Development virtual workshops that are customized to your organisational goals, values, culture and development needs of your leaders.  Let's connect.

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