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Financial Acumen with Colour Accounting

Financial Literacy for Non-Finance Professionals

Date & Time
12 & 13 Jan 2022, 9.00AM - 5.00PM

Zoom Workshop 

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The MOST POPULAR finance for non-finance workshop that delivers a fundamental understanding of finance and business

Used worldwide by 25,000+ professionals in over 500 organisations

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​"Colour Accounting has the advantage of showing how accounting works visually. We all tend to see problems and relationships more easily visually, so the Colour Accounting approach takes advantage of how we learn most effectively. 


As such, I believe that it is of value to anyone... from high school students to MBAs to business executives."

Paul Healy, Head of Accounting

Harvard Business School

Colour Accounting _ Strategyc Consulting


This 2-day course delivers powerful outcomes using the Colour Accounting teaching system with diagrams and logical colours to show graphically how accounting and business work, so everyone can make better decisions.

  • Fluently read and understand financial statements.

  • Engage confidently in financial conversations - asking powerful questions and improving communication and reducing misunderstandings.

  • Truly understand the mechanics and language of accounting and finance use by professionals.

  • Confidently make sound decisions more quickly.

  • Create budgets that work and guide delivery of results.

  • Impact the organization by meeting its financial goals.

  • Share the mindset of colleagues, clients and the CEO to gain credibility as a trusted, business-savvy team member


  • ​Intimidated by financial information

  • Confused by finance and accounting terms

  • Making the best choices for the business

  • Doing your part in meeting financial goals

  • Unaware of how you might impact profit

  • Blindly replicating last year’s budget?

Every decision you make in the business has financial consequences for your organisation. Making better decisions requires every manager - and everyone else they manage - to understand and make sense of financial information and relate it to their decisions and actions.​

White Walls


  • The foundations of business acumen

  • Understanding structure, language, movement and perspective

  • The dual life of assets

  • Defining asset, liability and equity

  • The Balance Sheet, sources and uses of funds

Module 1 The Language of Business

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This program is highly engaging with Colour Accounting BaSIS pop-up board, workbook, cases, group discussions, exercises and videos.

Corporate Rate:

1 pax RM2,400.00 per pax

2 pax RM2,100.00 per pax

3 pax RM1,800.00 per pax

4 pax RM1,400.00 per pax

What's included:

Colour Accounting Pack - workbook, BaSIS board and learning materials will be couriered to participants before the workshop.

Certificate of completion 

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Paul Ch'ng

Principal Consultant & Colour Accounting Leader at Strategyc Consulting  

Paul Ch'ng is a professional trainer and consultant, with close to two decades of leading and managing in multi-national companies in various industries. He works with organisations across Asia, Europe and the Americas in the areas of strategy, business acumen, leadership and change management. He is a teaching fellow with the Strathclyde Business School, a global top 100 Executive MBA, in analytical support for decision making and entrepreneurial management and leadership, and is the founder of Strategyc Consulting. 


Paul's passion is to help people and organisations achieve much more than they think they can. He is Malaysia's pioneer Colour Accounting workshop leader.

Financial Acumen with Colour Accounting | Strategyc Consulting


I highly recommend this program because Colour Accounting gives insights on how to analyze businesses and how we can improve and take actions for the future.

Danone Specialized Nutrition, Malaysia

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