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Virtual Workshop Series

Equip Your People to Act Today.

All businesses are already experiencing the catastrophic impact of Covid19, and its effects are likely to overwhelm many for months to come. The situation in organisations will only be made worse if their people do not fully understand the implications of their decisions and actions in this critical period. This is not a battle for the top management alone - everyone must act.

Navigating Through Covid-19 Impact is a series of bite-sized, interactive virtual workshops aimed at equipping your team to identify actions to bring your organisation through this time of crisis. 



Duration: 2 Hours

​​The global economy is curtailing the ability to conduct business as usual. Your business' cash flow will be tested and must be managed. But a company's cash flow is not the responsibility of the finance departments alone. All activities and decisions made in every department must contribute towards navigating cash flow from issues.

Improving Cash Flow​ in Crisis aims to help non-finance managers, assistant managers and senior executives in various departments of your organisation make decisions and act to improve cash flow in their respective roles. 

In this 2-hour virtual workshop, participants will​:

  • understand how business works and the importance of achieving financial goals;

  • recognize the impact of the current economic situation on cash flow and profitability;

  • understand the key areas to focus on to improve cash flow;

  • identify specific decisions and actions in their role that can improve the cash position of the company.


Duration: 1.5 Hour

The scale and disruption of the current pandemic make crucial judgments essential but also particularly problematic. Making decisions in the face of uncertainty can prove daunting: managers often have to make decisions under time pressure and with incomplete information.


While it is arguably impossible to ascertain the ‘best’ decision in most circumstances, making better decisions is possible when we adopt the right processes and behaviours. 

In this 1.5-hour session, we explore a practical approach of making decisions in the face of uncertainty as practised in industries and advocated by the world’s top business schools.  Participants will:

  • understand the 5 elements of rational decision-making

  • identify biases and recognise how they impact decisions

  • explore key actions when making sense of data and information

  • recognise the need for building a trusted network of insights; and

  • apply techniques for managing risk and uncertainty


Duration: 1.5 Hour

We live in challenging times, and greater challenges lie ahead for us as teams and individuals alike. Many struggle to cope with the increasing pressure to perform. Key to succeeding in these highly pressurised environment is to build resilience, perseverance and the ability to perform under pressure.  

Building Resilience in Tough Times is a research-based program developed with the Mental Toughness Research Institute USA that has been widely used in business, education, sports, healthcare, investment and trading, the military and the police force throughout the region.

In this 1.5-hour session, participants will:

  • Understand the five facets of resilience

  • Measure their composure, concentration, confidence, cope-ability and cohesion

  • Identify strengths and gaps

  • Apply science-based techniques for closing the gaps

  • Develop personal action plans for greater resilience.

Since April 2020, we've been running virtual workshops for professionals from various organisations across Asia. Hear what they have to say. 

What People Say

Highly thankful for an excellent session. It was not only beneficial but the way it was conducted was also exceptionally good.

Executive Vice President, Governance & QA

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