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A Time to Pause and Reflect

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

"We do not learn from experience...we learn from reflecting on experience." - John Dewey

The ability to lead resides in every one of us, waiting to be harnessed and maximised. Thanks to companies who believe in developing talents and grooming leaders, division and area managers of a leading retailer gathered from all over the country, taking time away from daily routines to focus on developing their leadership skills.

Over a series of 2-day workshops on Managing Self, we found ourselves amidst people-managers passionate about becoming a better version of themselves to better lead others effectively. Through reflective discussions, interactive activities and competitive play, these managers gained new insights of themselves, an understanding of how to connect with others and how to get the most out of their day, laying a foundation for growth as leaders.

Are we allocating time for self-reflection and self-improvement? Or are we over-run by activities that shift our focus to the urgent instead of the important, including our development as leaders?   It is time to make sharpening our ability to lead as a habit.

Find out more about Strategyc's Organisational Intelligence workshops here or explore our Virtual Workshops here.

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