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Cultural Differences Matter

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

“When interacting with someone from another culture, try to watch more, listen more, and speak less.” – Erin Meyer

Leading Change workshop in Dago Pakar, Indonesia

It was a privilege facilitating this 2-day Leading Change workshop which brought regional leaders of Asia, Middle East and Africa of a global no. 1 together to explore practical principles of leading change.

We had an insightful session on the second day exploring cultural differences and how they impact change initiatives.  Different cultures differ in the way they communicate, lead, make decisions, disagree, trust, persuade and plan. Managing and leveraging this diversity demands that we educating ourselves on these differences and adapt the way we interact with and manage others.  Change starts with us.

Here's what executive leaders had to say at the end of the workshop:

​"Very engaging and very useful for the current business environment. The consultants were very resourceful due to their corporate backgrounds, energetic and humourous!"

"Instead of a lot of theory, effective games brought a good understanding of the subject. I am happy that this workshop was delivered by two really experienced persons who are in the industry and know exactly what to deliver to the team."

"Excellent! Different from other programs on leading change. I learned how goals can be stretched to make the impossible, possible. The facilitators had very high energy, made the games interesting and pushed us beyond our limits."

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